Swift In Weex

Swift and Objective-C mix-up

a complete demo

extend module using swift

As we export moudle method using macro and calling in runtime, so we can extend module using swift by extensionbjective-C class.

You can also finish extending module by write an category for swift class in Objective-C class.

  • new WXSwiftTestModule.h/m and WXSwiftTestModule.swift file ,you will get a tip as follow during the creation img choose Create Bridging Header, as we need to access method in Objective-C in swift file, and the Bridging header can help us. And the format name of the header file is yourTarget-Bridging-Header.h, and mine is WeexDemo-Bridging-Header.h.

  • implementation in WXSwiftTestModule.h/m

    • WXSwiftTestModule.h

          #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
          #import <WeexSDK/WeexSDK.h>
          @interface WXSwiftTestModule : NSObject <WXModuleProtocol>
    • WXSwiftTestModule.m

      you can search WeexDemo-Swift.h after building your project, Xcode will generate this file for us.

      for simulator the file path may be:


      export method define in swift file.

          #import "WXSwiftTestModule.h"
          #import "WeexDemo-Swift.h" // you need to import the header to make Objective-C code recognize the method defined in swift file.
          @implementation WXSwiftTestModule
          #pragma clang diagnostic push //forbid unknow selector warrning
          #pragma clang diagnostic ignored "-Wundeclared-selector"
          WX_EXPORT_METHOD(@selector(printSome:callback:)) //method name in Swift, you can get the final method name in `WeexDemo-Swift.h` as the convert of Xcode.
          #pragma clang diagnostic pop
  • in Swift make an extension for Objective-C class WXSwiftTestModule, add a method, and then export it in Objective-C, then we can use it in javaScript.

    • WXSwiftTestModule.swift

          import Foundation
          public extension WXSwiftTestModule {
             public func printSome(someThing:String, callback:WXModuleCallback) {

    we need to expose WXSwiftTestModuleWXModuleCallback in WeexDemo-Bridging-Header as our Objective-C need to access them

    • WeexDemo-Bridging-Header.h

      //  Use this file to import your target's public headers that you would like to expose to Swift.
      #import "WXSwiftTestModule.h"
      #import "WeexSDK.h"

      by far we have finished our module using swift.

    module usage

    • register module to WeexSDK

      [WXSDKEngine registerModule:@"swifter" withClass:[WXSwiftTestModule class]];
    • front-end usage

            <text>Swift Module</text>
          module.exports = {
            ready: function() {
              var swifter = weex.require('swifter');
Last Updated: 1/8/2019
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