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Community over code

Weex project belongs to Apache Software Foundation and Weex community respects and fulfills the Apache rule, which is Community over code .

Code of Conduct

To make an open and friendly community, Weex community adopt Contributor Covenant as the code of conduct.

Mailing List

If it didn't happen on a mailing list, it didn't happen.

Subscribing mailing list of weex is necessary to join weex community.

In Weex community, feature requests, discussions and decisions happen on the mailing list, which is open to the whole world. is the mailing list's address. Developers can subscribe this list to know what is happening in weex community and express his/her idea. Send an email to subscription then you will receive a confirmation email. Once you reply the confirmation email, the subscription is done.

If you want to unsubscribe, send an email to Canceling subscription

Read Apache mailing list to have a deeper view of mailing list.

Ask or Answer Questions

  • You ask questions on for basic use problems and concepts.
  • You can report a bug through Github Issue as mention in bug report.


Formally speaking, StackOverflow is not part of Weex community though developers around the world continually contribute to it. If your question on StackOverflow doesn't get response within 96 hours, you can fire a Github Issue with link to your question on StackOverflow.


Only the following types of issues are valid Github issues, for other problem, ask it in the mailing list.

  • Bug
  • StackOverflow questions, which doesn't get response over 96 hours.

Contribute Code or document

In Weex community, Documentation is as important as code, and Weex community respects all the contribution of documentation or code.


Weex adopts Apache License 2.0 as its open source license. Make sure your contribution obeys the requirement of Apache License 2.0.

Contribute documentation

Documentation with good quality is a great help to developers. If there is a powerful API that is not easy to use, it becomes useless. So, we welcome any contributions to help Weex's documents become precise and easy to read.

You can contribute to a document through the following ways:

  • Click Edit this page on the bottom of website, and you will be navigated to a new Github PR.


PR about documentation should be fired based on draft branch currently, which will be merged master branch automatically later when all things are settled.

Contribute code

You can fix a bug or develop a new feature when contributing code, ref Contribution of Code to see more detail.

Last Updated: 2/20/2019
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