In this article, we list some plugins for Weex beyonds default components in WeexSDK. Some plugins may not adapt to latest WeexSDK, please report any issue to us.

BindingXBindingX is a new way to implement complex effect on Weex and React Native and Html5. The main idea is translate the user interaction into expression, then transfer those expressions into native environment. When the action occurs, all computing task will running on the native side, NO redundant js-bridge calls any more.
GCanvasGCanvas is a cross-platform rendering engine for mobile devices developed by Taobao. It is written with C++ based on OpenGL ES, so it can provide high performance 2D/WebGL rendering capabilities for Javascript runtime. It also has browser-like canvas APIs, so it's very convenient and flexiable for use, especially for web developers.
Weex-AmapAmap weex plugin for map display.
Weex-SVGA weex plugin to support svg for Web/iOS/Andoid.
Weex-ChartChart component based on GCanvas.

Get more plugins, please visit Weex-Plugins

Last Updated: 2/20/2019
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