Weex Project Roadmap

This document outlines work that is currently being worked on and things we plan to work on next. And we hope to obtain valuable feedback from the community to help us better understand user needs and adjust our roadmaps.


JS binding


  • New WeexCore 3.0 structure. Support more platforms, Android, iOS.
  • Standlone jsRuntime with javaScriptCore standard API instead of source code. Available for both android and ios.
  • Support native dom Binding for better portability and performance.



  • Support more layout attribute.
  • Add enough test cases to cover layout engine.




Weex-toolkit will release version 2.0.0 this year, it mainly provides those following new features:

  • Flawless installation and upgrade experience.
  • Better unit & functional testing support.
  • Visual Studio Code extensions with support for build/run/debug.
  • Split into multiple packages that can be reused on the Node-side program.

Also, there will be some feartures and optimization for the submodules, such as weex-debugger, weexpack and so on.

All the schedules can be viewed on the milestones.



  • Github commit/PR will be send to commit@weex.incubator.apache.org instead of dev@weex.incubator.apache.org
  • Make the code design and development process of Layout transparent to the community, make it happen on github project
Last Updated: 3/1/2019
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